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Problem with 110902HD88208850.iso but no CD, only usb

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Hello all,

I have a INTEL SSDSA2M080G2GC and I would like to upgrade the firmware but the 110902HD88208850.iso file is useflul only with a CD writer which I don't have. Since my bios can boot from a usb key, how can I make it boot so I can upgrade my SSD disk ?

Best regards,



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Exact same problem here, trying to update my new SSD that I installed in my netbook!

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Hello Mactabilis,

I did the upgrade, have a look on this, it works pefectly :

As /message/71345# 71345 71345 didn't work I found a better way update to the new firmware from a USB-drive:

Before we start you'll have to Open "My Computer". Either from Start Menu or by hitting the Windows Button + E. Now in the new window, press ALT button. Select Tools, then Folder Options. Under View select "Show hidden files, folders, and drives". Also uncheck "Hide protected operating files". Select "Ok".

A) Download the latest firmware, as we speak it's 02HD.

B) Now you need a program like PowerISO or UltraISO to extract the content from the ISO file to a temporary folder of your choice.

C) One of the extracted files is config.sys. Open the file with notepad and make sure to remove the two "A:\". The file should look like like this afterwards:


D) Now navigate to and download the two zip files, and

E) Unzip the to a temporary folder of your choice.

F) Insert you USB-drive.

G) Extract the HPUSBFW.EXE from the downloaded, and run the program.

H) Make sure the tool has selected the correct device. Pick FAT32. Check quick format. Check create a DOS startup disk and browse to the folder with the unzipped files. Click start, yes and ok. Close the tool.

I) Now navigate to the extracted ISO files (the files we extracted in 2.) and copy them all EXCEPT and paste them to the drive you just prepared with the HP tool.

J) Restart and enter BIOS to select your USB-drive as your primary boot device. Save and exit.

K) Now it should boot from your USB-drive and auto start the update proces.

Hope you can do it as I did !

best regards,


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It worked perfectly, thx a lot for sharing your information

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You're welcome !

Bye from Paris,