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PLEASE HELP! X18 Apple Bootcamp Windows 7 problem!

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Hello All,

I'm saddened to learn that my SSD is unable to be recognised when I try and install windows 7. I've been googling about and there is a firmware fix for this. Only that the bloody firmware fix doesnt seem to work on my mac mini.

Can someone please help me out? I'm just trying to get windows 7 on my mini.

I have the X18-M SSD 80 gig


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Capacity: 80.03 GB (80,026,361,856 bytes)


Revision: 045C8610

Serial Number: CVEM848400AA080IGN

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Not sure I will be able to help, but you need to supply a bit more info:

At what stage is the SSD not being recognised?

Does Bootcamp Assistant recognise it and enable you to create a Bootcamp partition?


Have you created a Bootcamp partition successfully, but the Windows 7 install process is not recognising the Bootcamp partition?

Windows 7 is not supported officially by Bootcamp yet (Apple say new version by end of year....pretty soon). To install Windows 7 x64 on my MacBook Pro I had to create a new ISO from the retail Windows 7 disk and burn a new install disk from it to get round the limitations of the current version of Bootcamp. It all worked fine, and Windows 7 runs well on my MBP (on cheapo Kingston SSD)

There are a lot of threads about this on the Bootcamp section of Apple Discussions.

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Hi to do the FW update for the SSD you will need to do it on a non apple system. If you have a notehr computer put it in there and try to update the FW then put it back tin the mini.

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The recent firmware update (O2HD) can be done on any platform: burn the iso to a CD, boot from the CD, do the update, reboot computer, job done. Detailed instructions here:-

Not sure this is the OP's real problem.