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Performance Question - x25-M/80GB

Esteemed Contributor III

I had recently added an x25-M to my system and turned my 400GB Seagate HDD into a storage drive. The SSD houses my OS and a few programs such as my browser, games, etc. My question is, is it normal that my HDD is read before a program stored on my SSD opens?

It slows down that snappy performance I expected to gain from the upgrade. I also notice a random stutter with the games I have on my SSD, however I'm unsure if the drive is the cause.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.



Hello, it is hard to say if your Solid State Drive is not working properly, or if it is the source of this problem, I suggest you to install the latest version of the SSD toolbox version 2.0 and run the Intel SSD Optimizer and the System configuration tuner to keep the SSD in good shape.

Furthermore if you want you can run a fast or full diagnostic scan to determine if the Solid State Drive is working properly or if it shows any problem there.