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P67 B3 support for SSD TRIM in RAID0 mode

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This is my first discussion in the community.

I currently have a Asus P8P67 B3 with the 2600K. I am planning to install the 120GB 520 series SSD. I plan to do the foll:

2 x 120GB(SATA III) SSD in RAID 0 for os and programs.

2 X 2TB hdd in RAID 1.

I would like to check if will the sata controller in raid mode support trim.

Also if not supported, will the sata controller enable trim if i use a single ssd with raid mode enabled but as a single volume. Enabling RAID is important as I need to have a RAID 1 array for my data.

Please let me know your feedback.



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My bad.. I was pointing to the 510 series ssd.

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@ avinashpatro:

Welcome at Intel Communities Forum!

A RAID0 array is not supported by the Trim command, but you will get the automatic Trim cleaning, if you are running Windows 7 outside the RAID array, even if the SATA Controllers have been set to "RAID" mode.



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Clarification: you will not get TRIM. TRIM at this time does not work on RAID sets. You will, however, benefit from the SSD's internal garbage collection algorithms. TRIM is something the OS submits to the disk telling it "I'm no longer using these LBAs" (e.g. a deleted file, a file overwrite/re-write, etc.); GC is something that's done internally by the SSD itself, whenever it needs to. There's nothing administrative for you to do with GC -- it "just works".

Furthermore: motherboards and chipsets have nothing to do with TRIM support. TRIM is a Data Management command supported by the drive (SSD) itself. The chipset/motherboard has nothing to do with TRIM support.

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so does that mean that trim would not work when the ssd is setup as a single drive volume but the controller is set in raid mode.

Also will the manual trim funtion work by running the intel ssd utility on the single ssd when the controller is set to raid mode.

thanks a lot.