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Non-OS SSD with minimum free space performance question

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I have 2 Intel X-25M SSD units in my system. One of them is 80GB, with Windows7 installed on it and its 60% full. The second SSD is 160GB X-25M, contains only Microsoft Flight Simulator X reaching to be 95% full. My question is: Are this non-OS SSD performance dropped now due to its 95% capacity, or will this SSD performance drop if I fill it up further? To what extent can I stuff this SSD? I read that writing performance are dropping, is this case for me to be concerned of?

Appreciate an advice,

Thank you.



Esteemed Contributor III

FSX reqiures 140GB? Woah, that's a lot of textures.

Filling up a SSD in itself does not decrease performance. It is when additional writes need to occur and there are no clean blocks left. The spare space helps to ensure the SSD can maintain enough clean blocks before encounter write performance degradation.

Games mostly read data and perform relatively few writes. Being the case, ~10GB spare space should be fine to allow the SSD to have spare space.

If you're worried, run a benchmark on the 160GB and pay attention to the 4K Random Write performance.