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Is AS SSD tool stats accurate for hard drives?

Esteemed Contributor III

This question is not Intel specific but I am asking it here because I know a few users here use AS SSD for benchmarking. I used the tool on a couple of hard drives and got scores of 12 & 15. Very low. Are stats from AS SSD accurate for hard drives or is the tool specifically made for SSD's and hard drives do not apply.

I am trying to benchmark an SSD and a hard drive on an equal level. Is there a benchmark tool which works for both types of storage acurately?


Esteemed Contributor III

One more thing. .. the partition aligmenment figures for the hard drives say BAD in red. Is this normal? This also happened once for the SSD while i was creating partitions and restoring an image.

How do I fix the alignment to say OK? I don't know much about the alignment stuff.

Gogle ( ATTO Benchmark ) It's free and one of the most accurate programs out there and you can use it on SSD or Reg HDs also.

As far as the partition alignment ( Paragon Software sell a program for Alignment ) You can use to check part. align after OS is installed without fear of loosing anything.