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Intel X-25 M Really Slow Help Needed

Esteemed Contributor III

Hello guys I am new to SSD drives

basically my write speed on the 80gb x-25 mainstream is really really slow I ran the ssd benchmark

those are my results

I first thought I had so many virsuses so I formatted my pc and whenever I run couple programs and they take too much write speed my system lags so bad thats it just lags and I have to power it off

I have it in my bios on ahci and I have the matrix drivers too and I just dont know what to do my motherboard is


-- EDIT 2

I downloaded matrix drivers from asus p5k premium section WRITE SPEEDS ARE NORMAL! however READ speed is now about 130 MB/s instead of 200-250 MB/s

I will update bios if that does not help any suggestions would be apperciated πŸ˜ƒ

EDIT 3 :

After bios Update Read Speeds Are Maximum 140 MB/s any way to boost that?


New Contributor III
New Contributor III

Hi, you can try to set to AHCI and run the test again. if it doesn't work, try updating the FW of the drive.

Esteemed Contributor III


Newest Firmware Is Applied

I will turn off defragment and then run intel optimizer again and see what the result will be


Actually for 1 test I got 250 MB/s result as read and then in 100's again

Picutre link below

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Why are you using AS SSD in first post and then showing us Crystal Mark? Stick to using one test method and I suggest AS SSD.

It was I who told you to disable or turn off Disk Defragmenter. When taking suggestions from someone, you should reply to that someone if you want that someone to continue helping you.

There were other things I mentioned in my message to you that were not answered. Anyway, run AS SSD and post a picture of what you get.

Esteemed Contributor III

I already ran the optimizer from intel ssd toolbox

and im not running raid , AHCI ,

whats weaird is that i was getting 250 read before getting the matrix storage drivers

Image From AS SSD