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Intel SSD results for HD Tune 2.55 resultspre and post firmware update

Esteemed Contributor III

Ran HD tune 2.55 when I first got the drive and the firmware had just been pulled

The new firmware was release updated np - installed AHCI Ran optimmer then ran HD Tune 2.55 transfer rates was up but whats happen to burst rate

Would anyone else care to post there results, or explan whats going on




Esteemed Contributor III

I don't have pre-results to show, but here are my post 02HDs. Maybe just run the bench again - could have had some traffic on the bus or memory tied up elsewhere?

The really good thing to note below is the -1% CPU utilization. So if I have 100 instances of HD Tune running I can effectively turn my quad core into an oct core. Awesome! Best part is, this comes with no additional energy cost - I'm going to apply for some Obama green tech grants to pursue putting HD Tune on everything!