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Intel Solid-State Drive 320 Series Links and Collateral

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Hi All,

Want to make sure you guys have access to all the collateral and info we've prepared for the Intel SSD 320 Series. Let me know if you have any additional questions. if you're new to SSDs, be sure to check out our sticky as well.

Videos Boot Demo Overview with the Experts Workload Demo

Collateral Intel® SSD 320 Series Product Specification Intel® SSD 320 Series Enterprise Server/Storage Application Product Specification Intel® SSD 320 Series Product Brief Intel® SSD 320 Series Data Security Feature Technology Brief Intel® SSD 320 Series Enhanced Power-Loss Data Protection Technology Brief

-Scott, Intel Corporation


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Thanks for the links, that will be very useful, I was not aware these were released.

And, a review of a 320 is already out there:

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Unfortunately the documents regarding encryption aren't exactly in-depth. While they point out how important the encryption key is, there is no information how the key itself is stored. Where is it stored, how is secured? Is there any relationship between the ATA key and the AES key? And finally is there any independent certification of the encryption implementation used?