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How to configure TRIM+Over provisionning on LINUX for SSD 710 ?

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The objective is to install a CENTOS (=REDHAT) server using SSD 710 (100gb). I need to configure this

1-to use the TRIM function and

2-to use 20% of over-provisionning on the SSD.

How are these two functions activated on this LINUX OS ?

I can't find any driver on the INTEL download center for LINUX (only windows seems to be supported with the SSD toolbox).

Thanks for advice/help on this.


New Contributor

In order to use trim, you need to use a kernel that is 2.6.33+ and ext4 mounted with the "discard" option. (TRIM won't work unless you have all 3)

To overprovision, simply partition the drive using 80% of the unallocated space.

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You won't need to set aside any area on your 710 SSD for over-provisioning. The 710 is designed for the enterprise environment, and Intel has over-provisioned the 710 by design.

A review of the 200GB version of the 710 examined the NAND chips inside it, which are labeled and so their capacity can be easily determined. The 200GB 710 contains 20, 16GB NAND storage chips for an actual capacity of 320GB. It's more than likely that the 100GB 710 SSD contains 10 of the 16GB NAND chips, for a total of 160GB. So your 100GB 710 has 60GB of spare, over-provisioned area now.