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Firmware Update Tool - Booting to CD-R

Esteemed Contributor III

Hi, I'm hoping that someone can help with an issue I have booting to the CD-R. The image file for the update tool has been successfully loaded onto a CD-R but refuses to load at start up when in AHCI mode (I'm running a raid configuration at all other times). Boot priorities are set up correctly but it simply won't boot from it unless I reset to raid at which point the boot disk for the update tool loads but, of course, will not complete because I'm back in raid configuration

Does anyone have any ideas of any other settings within the BIOS that may need to changed in order to get the boot disk to read whilst in AHCI?



Hello, what I can recommend is to set the system in the BIOS from RAID to IDE, compatible mode or legacy mode, also you might want to try to change the Solid State Drive from that port to port "0" or "1".