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Firmware update now available - Addresses Bad Context 13x Error

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New Contributor III


Intel has posted a firmware update for the Intel® SSD 320 Series (firmware 4PC10362) which addresses the Bad Context 13x Error being discussed on the Communities site and elsewhere. You can download the new firmware here:

Also posted at this link are Read Me, Release Notes, and SSD Firmware Update Tool Guidelines which provide detailed firmware update instructions and other relevant information such as the most current firmware revision available.

What should I do if I have not experienced this issue?

In order to provide the best user experience, Intel always recommends users download and install the latest firmware. As with any storage device, Intel recommends users frequently back up their data and periodically check for firmware updates. The Intel® SSD Toolbox provides a host of utilities to monitor your SSD, including displaying detailed information such as the currently installed firmware revision.

What should I do if I have already experienced this issue?

If you have already experienced a drive failure or encounter this problem before the firmware update was released, please contact your Intel representative or Intel customer support (via web: or phone: for an SSD replacement. An alternative option is to use the Intel ® SSD Toolbox or similar tools to perform a secure erase in order to restore the SSD to an operational state; all data will be erased. After secure erase, update your SSD with the new firmware. The firmware update will not recover user data.


For users unfamiliar with the issue, an Intel SSD 320 Series drive may exhibit a drive capacity of 8MB and an electronic serial # field containing a message of "BAD_CTX 0000013x" caused by an unexpected power loss under specific conditions. Once this error occurs, no data on the SSD can be accessed and the user cannot write to or read from the SSD.



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Thanks Alan, will give it a shot.

Esteemed Contributor III

Thanks. Installed successfully, the only issue is that running the firmware update again from the CD does not validate the firmware but instead gives an exception error while checking for valid drives. However, since SSD toolbox gives the updated firmware number, I'm not particularly worried about it.


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I applied it to my 120gb 320 series with no issue. I didn't verify the firmware level with the flash utility afterwards. I used a windows utility to verify the firmware level, all looks well.

Thanks again.

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Update went fine... 320 series 120Gb version

AS ssd score droped a bit from 381 to 368.. duno if its firmware related or data/usage drop in performance..

but anvil storage test score is same as with old firmware wich is done recently so its not firmware releted