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Firmware-Update doesn't work

Esteemed Contributor III

Hey you

I just bought one of the "Intel X25 160GB" SSD's. On the website of the vendor is written that the SSD will be faster, if I did a firmware-update.

So i downloaded the firmware-update-tool for the x25 160GB, burned the ".iso" file on a CD and bootet from it.

First, everything looks good. (Accept the two things did work). My SSD was recognized good, but then there was a text: "Your SSD has pre-production firmware. Please contact Intel Costumer Support for further assistance at the following website:"

And now I'm here. Could one of the Intel-Workers please help me??

Thanks Very much...

P.S.: I am swiss and my english could be bad, I know^^


Esteemed Contributor III


The other guy had a similar problem, /message/76277# 76277 here.

I hope it can solve your problem.

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