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Error: Raid Detected

Esteemed Contributor III


I am very happy with my 120ssd 320 series

But for some reason when I use ssd optimizer

i get Error: Raid detected. If raid is not present reboot and try again.

I do not have any raid setup.

I use this ssd for windows 7 64bit boot disk

and I have a 3TB Hitachi (GTP) for data.

My bios SATA settings are ACHI.

Not sure about this.




Esteemed Contributor III

Do you have install something like fancycache or another program to detect SSD? Stop them and try again.

Esteemed Contributor III

Thanks for the reply.

Do I really need this ToolBox program?

I thought Win7 would manage the ssd...

I removed a program jmicron that was installed with my motherboard drivers(from reg also) . No luck

The only thing I had installed was win7, MSI motherboard Drivers, ATI Radeon Drivers, and windows update.

Any other ideas...Thanks

Esteemed Contributor III

I have exactly the same problem and the problem seems to lie in the chipset drivers for your motherboard, I have a gigabyte motherboard and as soon as I install the AHCI software drivers, I get this message is do I uninstall only AHCI driver and it works fine, so the question I might add is: do I need AHCI software or it is enough that it is enabled in the BIOS?

Excuse the spelling but when I use google translation to make it easier for me.I

Esteemed Contributor III

Hi mini_ice

Your english is perfect.

I had uninstalled AMD/ATI ACHI drivers and let windows 7 64bit install whatever microsoft forced it to install.

It works now with no issues, so I guess the amd drivers were the problem.