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Diskeeper 2010 with Hyperfast SSD Optimizer

Esteemed Contributor III

Is anyone else running Diskeeper 2010 with Hyperfast SSD Optimizer?

I have it on two PCs both with a SSD in them with one running XP pro and the other Win 7. I think it does good I'd have to say. I've ran a lot of benchmarks and things have constantly been fast. Just wondering what everyone else thinks about it? Any better than the intel toolbox or about the same? I don't have the intel toolbox yet so I can't really compare.

My XP machine is just built only 2 days old with an Intel 80GB X25-M Gen 2 SSD so I don't know much on it yet.


Contributor III

Thanks for the info.

I tried the tool with my Intel ICH10R chipset mainboard and 2x160 GB Postville SSD's as RAID0 and I must say: It's absolutely perfect! After having optimized my RAID partitions, my system has a much better performance than before.

Esteemed Contributor III,6848.html,6848.html

stingray327, that looks tempting but, I'll pass based on the above, and wait for the Intel Toolbox release.

Anyone else still wanting to try the "HyperFast SSD Optimizer" should backup their data first.



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Thanks sidg, I didn't know about that article. I'd always been a diskeeper user and hadn't really seen anything on the topic of the hyperfast. I'll post anything if I get bad results from using it.