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80GB X25-M Problems

Esteemed Contributor III

Hello all...

I installed an 80GB SSDSA2MH080G2KA on my system. It was recognized just fine by the BIOS, and I've set up Windows 7. It seems to be running just fine. It's pretty fast, in fact.

I have a few problems, however:

1) I can't install the Rapid Storage software ("This computer does not meet the minimum requirements..."). Do I even need to install it?

2) I can't use the optimizer in the toolbox. It tells me it can't run on RAID configurations...I don't have RAID set up as far as I know. (I do have two SATA drives on the system in addition to the SSD, though.)

3) I tried to update the firmware, but it tells me that it can't find an Intel SSD drive connected to the computer.

Anyone know what the problem could be, and how I can correct it? I'd really like to run the optimizer every day as Intel suggests.

My system is an HP Pavilion P6331P. You can see the specs here, if it matters: N1349 N1349

Also, the board has six SATA ports. Does it matter which one I plug the SSD into?

I appreciate any help I can get.


Esteemed Contributor III

The SSD by Intel can run on many SATA controllers the Rapid Storage software is for Intel's SATA controller, your SATA controller is by AMD so the Rapid Storage software will not install.

Is your BIOS set to AHCI? or are you running a RAID with any other HDD's on your system?

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Hi Peter...Thanks for replying.

The BIOS is set to AHCI. I just double-checked to be sure.

This wouldn't bother me - as I said, Windows 7 is blazing on this right now - but I keep reading that without the TRIM optimization the performance decreases over time. Intel, in fact, suggests running the optimization every day. So this concerns me.

Esteemed Contributor III

Unfortunately, you seem to be experiencing an error that is recognized with the Toolbox and some PCs.

The following is from the Intel SSD Toolbox 2.0 User Guide:

Description: Some systems without a RAID configuration display the following error message when running Intel SSD Optimizer: "Cannot run the Intel SSD Optimizer on RAID Configurations." There is currently no workaround for this issue.

But you still may be able to have TRIM commands sent to your SSD. Given that you use Windows 7, that supports the TRIM command with it's built in msahci driver, you should be able to use that with your AMD chipset.

To determine which driver is currently being used, go into the Windows Device Manager, from the Control Panel, and look for "IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers". Double clicking that should show the AMD chip/SATA controller you have (AMD 785G). Double clicking that will open the Properties for the controller, and in the Driver tab, click the Driver Details button, which will list the driver you are currently using. If the driver is msahci, you are done, TRIM commands are being sent to your SSD. If not, you have more work to do.

There is an AMD RAID "AHCI Compatible driver" on your PC's motherboard info page, which might be installed now. It is possible that that driver supports TRIM, and you'll much more likely get the correct answer to that in the AMD support forums, rather than Intel's. The AMD forum should be able to tell you which driver is best for having TRIM sent to your SSD, msahci, or an AMD TRIM supporting driver (if that exists.)

Those are two potential options for having TRIM support for your SSD.