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520 not recognised in Toolbox on MBP 5,5

Esteemed Contributor III

Hi all

When I boot from intel toolbox the system doesn't find any intel drives in the system.

The 520 is n there and I can see it all named up correctly in the system profiles.

I read something about drives not being recognised but I don't think I can fix this on a mac because I can't change to IDE.

Has anyone had any success with a 520 sata3 into a sata2 MBP? Late 2009



New Contributor

I am not sure if I am following right but what you are trying to attempt is to run the Intel(R) Solid-state drive Toolbox in a MAC book PRO?

As far as I know there is no Intel(R) Solid-state drive Toolbox for MAC OSX.

You've mentioned that you boot from the Toolbox would that be booting from the firmware update tool?

Also the Intel(R) SSD 520 Series comes with the fimrware 400i, apparently that is the very latest firmware availble for this ssds.

Hope it helps!