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160gb 320 ssd replaced 5400rpm toshiba drive no difference in performance.

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I bought a 160gb intel 320 ssd to replace 1 of the hdd's in my hp dv7-6195us Laptop. I used the Intel migration software which worked great, the computer works fine, the only problem is that is works exactly as it did before installing the SSD. The replaced drive was a 500gb Toshiba 5400 drive. I was expecting programs to snap open but I am stuck with a third the storage space with no noticable increased performance. The windows experience is the only thing that change, it now says 7.6 for hdd vs. the previous 5.9.

I don't know if there is something I missed or if this is just what i should be expecting, I am rather dissapointed in spending nearly $300 for what seems to be nothing. I hope someone here can offer some advice.


Esteemed Contributor III

Would you mind running AS SSD Benchmark:

Subjectively, how long do you see the Windows logo animation during boot up?

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First thing, turn off the Toshiba Hard Drive protection utility and service. This helps quite a bit. Make sure you install and run Intel's SSD Toolbox: Then check to see what chipset you have. It will be noted in the PDF manual for your laptop on Toshiba's website. Then read my post here: /message/145744# 145744 145744 ---- and lastly please join me in doing what you can to wake up Intel and Microsoft about this issue. You can verify you have the issue by benchmarking your SSD in SafeMode using Crystal Disk Mark or AS SSD etc.

There are other tips and tweaks around the web (just search on optimizing SSDs) but if you are like me you will discover they don't do much for performance due to the intelppm.sys driver issue and Intel turboboost technology. If anyone out there has answers to these issues I'm still looking.