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SSD320 & 330 Boot Problem(s)

New Contributor

My company has a series of 320 and 330 series SSD that have the same shared problem. They all will take an image from windows deployment but when it comes to starting windows after the imaging process, it gets to the windows loading screen and then crashes and re-boots. I've tested all of these devices with the Intel SSD toolkit and they all check out fine. Any suggestions on how to fix this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Valued Contributor II

I suggest you trying with a clean operating system installation first, just for troubleshooting purposes.

It will be helpful knowing what operating system you are trying to install and the system and SATA controller chipset model?

Thanks for the response Joe, it's very much appreciated. I sought advice from my lead I.T. personal concerning the problem and he directed me to a BIOS setting as the root problem.