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SSD for Photoshop and CorelDraw editing

Esteemed Contributor III

I'm about to buy a new laptop with the following specification

- Intel i3 2350M

- 8GB DDR3 PC-1066

- Intel HD Graphics 3000

- 120GB Intel SSD 335 as primary internal drive

- External 2.5" HDD with USB 2.0 enclosure

I want to use this laptop for my primary graphic design job, which will require many and many read & write data, both for page file and of course the file data itself. I will use Adobe Photoshop and CorelDraw for editing photo and graphic.

1st Scenario:

- I use SSD for OS, apps and scratch disk and also for temporary data file during the editing process.

- The external disk will always be the data disk. After I finish editing the file, I will copy it back onto my external disk.

2nd Scenario:

- I use SSD for OS and apps.

- The external will be the scratch disk and data disk, so I won't copy it onto my SSD.

My questions are:

1. if I use the 1st scenario, how about my SSD? how can I prevent my SSD from damage?

2. for the 2nd scenario, how long my SSD will last, and how will my laptop performance be? since the external only have USB 2.0 connection.

thanks in advance