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Slow write on Probook 4540s with 530

New Contributor


I brought a 530 (120GB) and its write speed is very poor. I can get only around 120MBps (read speed is OK, about 450MBps).

I use Probook 4540s with Windows 8.1 Update 1. (Everything is updated.)

Thank you for any advise.


Valued Contributor II

Hello Gerret, are you using the latest version of CrystalDiskMark?

There is a known problem with some antivirus or security software; try deactivating it before testing or use different benchmark software.

You may also want to check if the BIOS is setup in AHCI mode and if the partition in the Intel® SSD is aligned.

Thanks for replay,

I deactivate my antivirus but it has no effect on write speed also AHCI was already activated.

I tried three different benchmark software always with same result.

Partitions on SSD seems to be OK. (Checked with "AOMEI Partition Assistant")

Valued Contributor II

Is this a SATA or mSATA Intel® SSD?

It is SATA plug in intro "main" SATA connector.