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Power / SATA connection affecting data retention on SSD?

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I´m using an Intel SSD 535 for security backup. Backup is done fairly regular and the SSD is totally disconnected in between. As a backup SSD I want it (data) connected only during the actual backup sequences. Sometimes when it is time for security backup there is no new data in a certain data category, so a backup seems unnecessary. On the other hand I have to consider the issue of data retention.

What about leaving the SSD with the power plug connected and the SATA plug disconnected? It would decrease the amount of manual labor, but how would it affect data retention, compared to the alternative to completely disconnect the SSD? Where in the interval ("nothing at all" — "to the same level as with the SATA plug connected") is the expected affect?

Regards Rolf@intrest


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Hello Rolf@intrest,

Thank you for your interest in the Intel® SSD 535 Series. I understand that you want to know if the SSD's data retention capabilities change depending on the way and the frequency you connect the device to your PC. As stated in the Intel® SSD 535 Series – Product Specification (, page 12, these specific consumer devices: "…meet or exceed SSD endurance and data retention requirements as specified in the JESD218 specification." The JESD218 specification states the following regarding the power-off data retention capabilities of any device that adheres to said specification: "… the standard client use condition is 40 °C active temperature and 30 °C power-off temperature, at which condition the data retention verified by this standard is the required 52 weeks (one year). On the other hand, if the actual power-off retention temperature were 25°C, then this standard would ensure that the retention would be at least 105 weeks, or a little over two years." So, to sum up, taking into account your intended use (backing-up your information on a regular basis), data retention should not be a concern, and keeping either plug (SATA or power) connected or disconnected shouldn't affect the preservation of your files. If you have any other question, don't hesitate to contact us. Regards,Andres V.

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Hello Rolf@intrest,

I was wondering if you could check the answer provided. In case you need further assistance, don't hesitate to contact us. Regards,Andres V.