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P4600 pcie 3.1 interface compatibility

New Contributor


I've been having a hard time finding some documentation on the nvme u.2, pcie, etc. interface for this rocking SSD. I'm looking into a H11DSi-NT supermicro board to go with Epyc 7551 processors, and I have a new P4600 with me ATM. I saw that it has a U.2 port so I'm also waiting for delivery of an Addonics AD25NVMPX4 pci-e adapter card. However, I can't find anything matching the PCIe 3.1 interface, does it simply not exist or exist as a bios update? Why is there no platform specifications for the benchmarks posted online?




Esteemed Contributor III

Hello etcimon,

We understand you would like to get a match PCIe adapter that can work with our SSD DC P4600 PCIe 3.1.For that, we can let you know that in regards compatibility, you should have no problems at all, the only inconvenience will be performance wise since our disks will perform faster with an interface that runs at PCIe 3.1 speed.Regarding the benchmark and platform specs, we would like to request if that information is available so we can provide it to you. We'll keep you posted here.Regards,Nestor C

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Hi etcimon,

We would like to know if you read our previous post and if you have any other question. We'll be waiting for your response.Regards,Nestor C