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New Intel 750 in existing system

New Contributor

I have two Samsung 850 pro's in RAID 0. Any advice on putting/transferring the OS and other files onto the new 750 SSD?

Thank you


Esteemed Contributor III

Hello ChrisF423,

We understand you would like to migrate your operating system and data from two drives in a RAID 0 configuration into your brand new Intel® SSD 750 Series.

Since the 750 Series is an NVMe* SSD, our usual tool will not support it.

We can, however, recommend some third party tools that may be able to do the job for you. But it's important to keep in mind that migrating your OS from a SATA drive to NVMe* is not usually recommended, and can result in boot errors. Our main recommendation is to perform a clean installation instead.

That being said, there are several third party tools that should support this type of migration, but we would highly recommend to confirm this with the software vendor.

1- Clonezilla*

2- Macrium Reflect Free*3- Todo Backup*

Note: Any links provided for third party tools or sites are offered for your convenience and should not be viewed as an endorsement by Intel® of the content, products, or services offered there. We do not offer support for any third party tool mentioned here.

I know that some of those will definitely work to migrate your OS from SATA to NVMe* (Clonezilla*). Others, you may need to get the paid versions. The only thing is, since none of these are our tools, it will be up to you to check with them to find out if RAID arrays are also supported.

While not directly related to your question, here are some additional links that may be useful to you:

- NVMe* Drivers for Intel SSDs

- Intel® SSD 750 Series - Frequently asked questions

- Physical Installation Instructions for Intel® Solid State Drive 750 Series

- Booting with NVMe* Drives

We do hope this information helps.

Best regards,

Carlos A.

Esteemed Contributor III


We're following up on your thread since we have not heard back from you.Has your question been answered? Please let us know if you need further assistance.Best regards,Carlos A.