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INTEL SSDMAEMC080G2H dropped down to a Windows rating of 5.9?!

New Contributor

INTEL SSDMAEMC080G2H dropped down to a Windows rating of 5.9 when it was at 7.3.

I have the page file turned off and deleted the file, cleaned out all the garbage files and Temp Folders, deleted programs that I don't need on a daily basis, have my games and files on 2 separate drives and 19.3GB free of the 73.3GB available.

The SSD Tool Box takes over 1hr to complete and the SSD fills right up to 16.3GB during the INTEL SSD Optimizer process.

How do I get the performance back up to where it should be?




Valued Contributor II

Hello MichaelTav

The Smart Attributes of your drive look OK, the Media Wearout Indicator has decreased to 97, however, this should not have any effect in the performance of the drive. It reports SATA II 3 Gb/s interface which is the expected for this drive.

We are not able to refer to the Windows® rating, since that is based on the OS estimations, and it can be affected by many factors.

If you wish to measure the SSD performance, we advise you to run a reliable hard drive performance test and compare the values to the Intel® SSD 310 Series Product Specification, page 7.