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Intel SSD 750 pci 400GB, diagnosis lights on side do not work. Is it DOA?

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I purchased this drive to use with a SuperMicro motherboard part # MBD-X10DRH-ILN4 with two Xeon e5 2695 v3 running Windows 2012.

I tried the SSD in three different PCI slots on the motherboard and worked with the Supermicro tech support.

In all three slots, the SSD never had the diagnosis lights on the side light up. I then tried the SSD with an ASUS Rampage Extreme IV board and an ASRock Fatal1ty Gaming Z170 ITX. On both of the other boards, the diagnosis lights did not work.

So did I get a bum SSD from Intel?

Also, it appears that Intel support submission is DOA also


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A few days and almost 900 views with no ideas.

For the PCIe card, I only noticed a plug(j100) near the diagnostic lights but no documentation on what to plug there if anything. Everything I've read on the PCIe version is I don't need to do anything additional for the physical installation beyond putting the card into a slot.

My reading has said the diagnostic lights should be working when I start the computer.

Any other ideas?

Also, since "normal" methods of submitting a warranty issue don't work(ie ), what other methods can I use to get this issue fixed?

I cannot return to original seller due to 30 day policy.

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We would like to get more information about this situation you have to properly help you. You mentioned the SSD was working fine in the SuperMicro* motherboard but not on the other two you tested it.

When you put the SSD in the other two motherboards, is the drive being detected at all? or are just the lights not working on it? Is the drive booting the OS, or do you use it for storage only?

Here is a link you can always check in order to get requirements for this SSD: Before You Buy an Intel® Solid State Drive

We will be waiting for your response.

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It actually isn't working with any of the three motherboards I've tried. It isn't being detected nor are the light working on it.

My goal is to use the 750 as the boot drive in the SuperMicro motherboard with Windows Server 2012.

I worked with the SuperMicro team initially and they indicated that the drive will work with the motherboard and that the BIOS revision is correct. They recommended the PCI slots to try.

Currently the SuperMicro board is booting Windows 8.1 on an Intel 535 series drive. I've run a couple of benchmarks and the system is running smoothly(CPUs, board, and memory)