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Intel SSD 335 not recognized

New Contributor


I use a SSD drive on which I installed Windows 7. Until then, I had no problem, no bug, no crash. The system was very stable. My one and a half year old girl played with the power button of the case by pressing it several times and since the SSD is no longer recognized in the bios. My PC does not boot.I tested several SATA cables and power connectors, change the SATA port on the motherboard, unplug the disk for more than 10 min then reconnect and let the PC run more than 20 min several times without success. I installed an old functional HDD with a version of Windows 7 and again the disk is not detected by Win 7.I'm a little afraid that the disk is HS. What do you think ? Would you have an idea how to recover the disk and / or files?Thanks in advance.

Esteemed Contributor III

Hello Prank33,

We understand your SSD 335 series is no longer detected by the system and you have tested several things to troubleshoot it.-Did you try to plug it as an external drive using USB enclosure?-Is there any way to test it on a different computer?In case this does not work, please feel free to contact our support department for further assistance or contact us by phone: 1-916-377-7000Regards,Nestor C

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Hi Nestor

Thank you for your reply.

Yes, you understand my problem. I tested the ssd in an external box connected by USB. The disc is not detected.

On the other hand, I could not test it on another computer. I have a portable pc, I will try to connect it via the USB box

But i think the drive should be out of order. I will contact your support department.

Is there a possibility to retrieve the data?


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Hi Prank33,

Since the drive is no longer detectable, please go ahead and check with our support department.For data recovery, Intel is not liable for data loss in connection with the product, regardless of the cause. Here you can find more information about the warranty.Also, please find this link useful to get assistance with the data recovery.Regards,Nestor C