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Intel mSATA SSD 525 120gb crash

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I purchased a new Intel mSATA SSD 525 series (120gb) to use with Intel NUC DC3217IYE.

At a first glance, it seems working without problems. I installed Win7 64-bit.

Then, on the second day, the system started to freeze (for 5 minutes), and end up with BSOD.

This problem usually arises when intense disk operations occur (such as windows update, benchmark tools).

I tried many possible controller drivers such as (Windows' default driver (iastorv.sys), Intel RST (iastor.sys), Intel RST for NUC (iastorA.sys, iastorF.sys)) and BIOS updates. The result is the same. I also couldn't manage to install Ubuntu (linux) - SSD crashed while installing.

After an SSD crash, BIOS cannot recognize it until I disconnect the power cord and replug.

I tried full diagnostic scan by SSD Toolbox, the system crashes at ~18%. (It crashes earlier if windows write cache buffer is disabled)

The firmware version of the SSD is LLKi. The software indicates that this is the latest firmware.

Any idea to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance.


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Thank you for your post.

The situation you describe can be related to a failing hard drive or overheating of the system. To check the system temperature you may see this in the BIOS. The SSDs are tested to operate between 0 degrees Celsius and 70 degrees Celsius.

If the issue persists the next step would be to replace the SSD, if you got it less than 30 days ago you also have the option to return it to the place of purchase in most countries. Otherwise please contact us (select the appropriate country)

Have the SSD handy since we will require some number of the sticker on the SSD

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New Contributor

Thanks for the info and reply. The problem is in a regular motherboard (DH87RL) running in my desktop.

Not sure what else I can do other than send it back and maybe get a 520 series?

Perhaps active cooling? Like zip-tying an 40 or 60 mm fan to it. It doesn't have to be a high-RPM unit as long as it is close.

New Contributor

Yeah, I ordered a 40mm fan and am going to try that. Thanks for the idea. Once I get it installed and check the temps I will post back here and let everyone know how it worked.

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Does this also apply to the 525 series 240G SSD? I seem to be having the same issue with it.

Sorry, I ment to reply to the Intel message.....

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Yes Alan, it also applies to the 525 240GB.

Additionally. you may test the SSD in a different computer.