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Intel 750 ssd on Evga X79 Dark mobo with 3930k

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Hello Guys

i am deciding to buy the intel 750 pcie ssd and i was wondering if i can get the full speeds of the ssd or can find my pc specs below;

CPU : intel 3930k 40 Pci Lanes

mobo : Evga X79 Dark

as you know 3930k is not officially support the gen 3.0 but my mobo Evga X79 Dark has Pcie gen 3.0 slots .So what will happen if i place my intel 750 ssd into one of the pcie gen 3.0 slots?is it going to run in gen 3.0 standarts or gen 2.0 standarts?

i am a little bit confused about that.I mean , is the ssd going to work as gen 3.0 even if the cpu officialy doesnt support pcie 3.0 ? or is it just going to need x4 available pci lanes in CPU?

or is it just going to take attention the slot that it has been running in?

Kind Regards


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what do you mean by the ssd configuration is changed from default?

and for the boot device isnt it up to the motherboard? so the guy in evga's forum mentioned that he can boot from intel 750 so it seems the boot process nvme up to motherboard?

Intel board do not support boot from 750 (old UEFI and so on). EVGA may be (if someone in EVGA make BIOS changes needed).

ssd configuration is changed from default

750 have a bunch of parameters, configurable via isdct.exe, some was changed from default values for databases tasks purpose. Nothing you need at home though.

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You did not mention if you needed boot support. The drive should work as a data drive.

As PCIe 3.0 ? there is a good possibility but I have no experience with the EVGA x79.

However the Intel X79 chipset based boards don't have full NVMe boot support in BIOS. That was implemented and validated with X99, Z97 and now Z170 chipsets.

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would you please check the conversation link below and look at the post # 11

but i dont have any idea which spu he used ,i asked him and waiting for a reply

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I read through that link. It looks like in Post 21 he is using an Intel Core i7-4960 processor.

Officially that is the reply. "Support" is with validated hardware and that hardware is the i7-4960 and similar processors.

I have seen and used the SSD as a data drive on a DX79SI (Core i7-3960 processor) but that is not validation, just install. You would need to be prepared to go to a validated configuration if the performance doesn't meet your expectation.