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error code 19 when updating firmware on S2500 (tool box 3.3.4)

New Contributor

I can't update firmware on S2500.

I tried toolbox 3.3.3 and 3.3.4

The actual firmware is RG20.

There is 2 SSD S2500 in RAID1.

Booth drives show a fast degradation at 83% (within 1 year and low usage 1.7Tb)

Same issue with both drives.


Esteemed Contributor III,

Could you please share some screenshots of the error you are having with the firmware update?

We would like to investigate on this and provide you the best resolution.

New Contributor

Both disks have the same problem.

Esteemed Contributor III

I believe you cannot do a firmware update while the drives are in RAID. Can you try to Download Intel® SSD Firmware Update Tool

If you then create a CD or USB drive and switch to AHCI in the bios (No RAID) and boot to the Firmware update tool, You'll likely be able to update.

Please remember to enable RAID again before booting the operating system.

Note: there is some risk here if the system is using RAID 0 and the system accidentally boots to the drives while in AHCI.

New Contributor

I already update a firmware on drives in RAID1, without problem.

There are 2 things in this case. The firmware issue and a very fast degradation of the drives; both à 83% in 1 year, with a small use of the drive.