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Driver PCIe Gen3 x 4 Dell Rugged 5424

New Contributor

Dear Sir,

I have the computer Brand Dell Rugged 5424 with Sata Sk Hynix 512GB and PCIe NVMe 512GB, everything was works fine, after one technician update the BIOS, the PCIe stopped, I did try to install all available BIOS, Firmware available in DELL without success, always I connect the PCIe in the slot I got the following error " Error! Storage configured incorrectly. PCIe storage detected in either or both of secondary and tertiary storage bays". Do you have a BIOS/Firmware to fix the problem? in the BIOS not show option to activated the PCIe, I guess because the revision of BIOS Installed. Manufacture Year 2018

Anyone can help me with correct Bios or firmware? 



Hello Marinaldo,

Thank you for contacting Solidigm Customer Support.

On the following link, you will find the available drivers and downloads for Solidigm and Intel NAND SSDs. 

Using the Solidigm Storage Tool, you will be able to update the firmware version to the latest available.

If the issue persists after these updates, you may contact Dell to get assistance related to the BIOS problem.

Remember that you can always contact us via phone or chat!
USA: +18333137337
Language: English and Spanish
Hours of operation: 8:00am - 5:00pm PST

Best regards,
Solidigm Customer Support.