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SWAP space on SSD recommended?

Esteemed Contributor III

I have some Linux servers with only one ssd (Postville 2 X-25M 120GB) and a utilized 2GB swap partition (which is of course a partition of the ssd).

My question is, if this setup is recommended of if there could be any problems about lifetime in the future (because of the many read/writes on the swap partition)?

Do I need trimm support on the swap partition or is the supported Garbage Collection of this Intel SSD enough?

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Esteemed Contributor III

Which distro and version? Linux 2.6.33 onward has supported TRIM.

Lifetime expentency has to do with your particular usage of the swap partition and OS handling of it. In Windows 7, reads outnumber writes by 40:1 on average (

However, it your workload is exceeding the installed RAM then swap will obviously be more heavily utilized.

Basically, you may want to do some benchmarking and monitoring if you want to be sure.