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SSD Lockup Issues X25-V

Esteemed Contributor III

Alright so I got my replacement X25-V SSD however I have the same issues with windows locking up. Here is what I've done

Ran the SSD in IDE,ACHI,RAID mode. Nothing changes it.

Moved SSD to different sata port

Changed the SATA cable I got a new X25-V SSD from Intel. There is no issues running windows on my Regular HD. I have a two drive config. One SSD one reg HD. Some stuff loads form the reg hd. Mainly games. SSD runs Winodws and some apps. Issue is that Windows will lockup at random for no reason and nothing mainly triggers it. It seems to happen over a preiod of time.

I run the latest RST Driver and using ACHI.

Any suggestions?

My motherboard is a Asus P5Q-E with a P45 Chipset and ICH10R Southbridge.


Esteemed Contributor III

What do you have powering the system? Brand, model, age?

Esteemed Contributor III

First thing I do when I find a problem like this is check the RAM with Memtest86. Test the ram from a cold start and leave it running for at least 6 cycles.

If no RAM errors are detected I'd do the following:

· Check the event view for error messages

· Make sure the bios is up-to-date

· Remove all other SATA drives or optical drives apart from the SSD

If none of that works swap the SSD to the Sil5723 controller (performance will suck but it will help to isolate the problem).

Esteemed Contributor III

I'm pretty sure it's a sata controller issue somewhere. I've dissconted all my other SATA devices to see if it cuases it.

memtest86+ passes no problems. As i said before zero issues running windows off my regular hard drive.

PSU is a Corsair TX750W

Esteemed Contributor III

Issue is still not resolved.

Any more ideas?

Was downloading a file and it locked up in 45 minutes.

I wont be buying another Intel SSD.