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Slow Read Speeds on X25 160gb

Esteemed Contributor III

I have an x25 160gb on a dell xps 8100 that has the Intel H57 series chipset. The system is running Windows Xp pro and is getting 215 mb/s reads on crystalmark . All the read tests in crystalmark are about 15-20 percent short of what it should be (the write speeds are all good).

When I installed xp on this machine I used the 32 bit drivers for the h57 from intel's site (this was originally a win7 64bit machine). HdTune says that UDMA Mode 6(UltraATA 133) is supported however its says UDMA Mode 5 is active(UltraATA100). Is this the source of the problem?

Also I tested this system with another x25 and got the same results so I'm pretty sure it's not the ssd. Also tested this ssd on a win 7 system and got good results.

The bios has 2 options under SATA Mode (ATA and Raid), and it is set to ATA.

Am I missing something simple here? Thanks for any suggestions.


Esteemed Contributor III

why not try the other SATA mode setting - RAID. just for testing purposes.