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reinstall win 7

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I just upgraded to a gigabyte G1 Assassin 2 X79 with a I7 3990(water cooled), 16 gigs of corsair ram, GTX EVGA 670 4 gig S/C ,and a 520 480gig SSD. So my OS is acting a little wonky and I've decided to reinstall win 7. Now on my old OCZ SSD they recommended a secure wipe and reinstall, so is it the same with Intel?. Can I wipe the drive if it is the boot drive?. I've installed the intel ssd toolbox and it seems that they want you to use the drive as a secondary drive to s/w. That's not a real big deal as I"ve installed win 7 on my storage drive as well in the event that the 520 fails to boot. So I can change the boot order and boot the other drive, but I was hoping to just wipe the 520 and reinstall in one fell swoop.

Also it seems that they tie the firmware updates to the toolbox, yet I see one dated 9/1/12 without a toolbox update. Strange, are all firmware updates tied to an updated version of the ssd toobox



Yes, you can secure erase the boot drive. You need to have a copy of the OS available to reinstall..

All firmware updates available for consumers to update their SSDs are made available via the Toolbox for Windows users and the Firmware Update Tool for other OS users. Both the Toolb and teh Firmware Update Tool are available from Intel.