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No 5 year extended warranty on 320 series 1.8 " form factor drives !

Esteemed Contributor III

After months of waiting - I was finally able to find and purchase a 160 GB 320 series SSD in the 1.8" form factor that I needed on my T410s. There are two more that are waiting in the wings for an upgrade from 80GB G2 drives to the G3 standard. However, I was shocked to learn that the 1.8" drive I purchased and installed is only covered by a 1 year manufacturer warranty as oppossed to the 5 year extended warranty being offered on the 2.5" form factor. Upon doing a little bit of reserach it appears that the package purchased is an OEM package. In going through some well informed posts on the issue I gather that the retail version of the drives should either have a "B" or "K" in the part number. However, there are no retail packs available for the 1.8" form factor drives. How is it fair then that Intel should provide only a 1 year manufactirer warranty on the 1.8" drives ( the ones I bought) , which I paid retail price for especially when they have delayed the supply of the 1.8" form factor drives in the first place and then not even releasing any retail packs for customers like me to purchase. I called several retailers and all of them confirmed that Intel has not released a retail version for the 1.8" drives - period and that they have no information as to whether they will ever release a retail version of the 1.8" drive. This then looks like an age old scam to me. First they delay the release of the 1.8" drives way beyond what is reasonable and then this ! I would like to hear the opinion of other boarders on this forum. What should I do - discuss this issue with BBB . What other recourse do I have ?