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nForce 680i and Intel SSD 320 Series with OS partition resulting in occasional hangs?

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Occasionally, my computer will go into this state where I can move the mouse, and hover over certain things like the start button or folders on the desktop which will light up, but clicking them produces nothing. Then after about 20 seconds of random clicking, everything I had clicked on up to this point will suddenly open.

I never had this problem when I was running my OS on a regular hard drive. I should note that my OS is on the SSD but all my documents/music/pictures (e.g. not program files) are located on my HDD. I've done a little research on this and have found someone else with a similar problem:

/message/132992# 132992 132992

According to post # 2, I should disable NCQ. I was wondering what that ultimately meant (if I were to disable NCQ) for the life and performance of my SSD.

Also, have I not been running TRIM this whole time? Seems unrelated but it was mentioned in other discussions concerning this particular chipset. The intel toolbox seems to say that everything is OK, but I cannot see any specific TRIM parameter in it.