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Intel X25M shows up as Kingston SSDNow in BIOS....

Esteemed Contributor III

Hey all --

I just "finished" building a new high-end PC. I purchased an Intel X25M G2 160G drive from about a month ago. Today was the day I finished installing everything and powered up the box -- only to have the BIOS report that my drive is a Kingston SSDNow 40GB drive! I've seen a few threads talking about counterfit drives -- but this was purchased direct from Amazon (not a reseller), so I assumed it'd be fine. There's no other explanation though, is there...?

New Contributor

Some models of Kingston drives are rebadged Intel drives. Perhaps this was supposed to be a Kingston and got mislabled. I'd contact Intel about getting it replaced, because you won't be able to take advantage of Intel BIOS updates and the like.

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Not only that, but this "Kingston" drive is only 40G compared to 160G!

I just looked over the packaging again and everything looked to be in order. There was a sticker over the anti-stat bag that had the serial number of the drive on it. When I ripped that sticker off, it came apart and left tamper-evident markings on the bag. I can't see how someone would've been able to swap out the insides (like people on another forum are thinking happened), unless it happened directly at the factory before it was packaged...

I've already contacted Amazon and I'm hoping someone from Intel can help me here - I can't seem to find an email address, but I suppose I can call them tomorrow as well.

This sucks.

Esteemed Contributor III

FYI - I contacted Amazon and they're shipping me a new SSD drive via overnight, so I should get it Thurs or Friday. Hopefully this one is legit...

Regardless - Amazon rocks!