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No hot plug in P55 with Intel 9.6 driver

With the MS AHCI driver I have hot plug capability in all controllers and the devices are all listed in the Safely remove hardware list (all drives) but with the Intel 9.6 driver I can't use the hot plug feature in the P55 because the drive is not on...

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X25M 160G2 slower than it should

Hi!I just got myself X25M 160G2. Wonderfull disk may I say, but then I decided to run DiskMark.Sadly my seq write is 208mb/s (shouldnt it be around 250?)also 512kt/s write is only 140mb/s (seen pics with similar drive run 200+mb/sSo somewhere is a sl...

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Help Intel x25m installation

Hi,So I've searched a lot around the community but I can't find the exact answer I was looking for, so any help would be greatly appreciated. I've installed win 7 onto my intel ssd without updating the firmware or setting the ssd to AHCI mode. Since ...

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Resolved! Should my drivers read like this?

Just recently installed RST and everythings been going smoothly, however I was just confused/unsure that when I go to my individual SSD drives (have two X-25M running in Raid0) and check the drivers they are reading:Is that correct?The onl...

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SSD firmware update freezes

I've burnt the firmware .ISO to a blank CR-RW and tried updating the SSD in both IDE and AHCI mode..none of them successful. The firmware update runs perfectly up until the point we're the program asks me if I've read the "readme" and if I'm ready to...

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