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Firmware Update

Is there a 64 bit version of the latest firmware update?

idata by Esteemed Contributor III
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ssd not working

This is the second time my OS (windows) would not load. It seems the ssd justs stops working after bios handoff. An hour later it loads windows as normal.I actually installed windows on backup HD to check my other hardware was fine.Any ideas?

idata by Esteemed Contributor III
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Intel X25-M *G1* extremely high Disk Queue Length

I purchased an Intel X25-M (G1) 80GB SSD in October 2009 when I built my computer - so a little over a year ago. Initially it was beautiful, very fast and reliable. Expensive, at $240 from Newegg, but I figured I was paying for quick boot times, snap...

idata by Esteemed Contributor III
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Intel SSD is not attached or disabled.. (but it is...)

OK, I'll try to make this as short as possible.Got a new X25-M 80G OEM... First thing was wanted to check the firmware. Downloaded, made CD, booted with the SSD in place, formentioned message. Thought, hmmm. Maybe it has to be formatted first for som...

idata by Esteemed Contributor III
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