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explorer.exe increases I/O write bytes

I have a Toshiba laptop, core i5, Intel x25M 80G G2. My question is: Does anyone know why the explorer.exe process generates too much I/O write bytes? A simple search on my home network, or the copy of a file from one external drive to another increa...

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ATA Security Enabled Locked X25-M - Help Unlock??

I had 2 x 80 GB X25-M's (80G2GC) in Raid 0 with 128 kB stripe as a Window 7 boot disk for some time. It was starting to have poorer write speeds so I thought it was time for a wipe (and I wanted to try setting the stripe to the recommended 16 kB). ...

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NEW Intel SSD 510 found - what is it? When more offical?

Intel 510 SSD .Leakes specs say: (

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How to erase/format a SSD ?

Hi there,I doubt someone is running the operating system on SSD for years. How to go on now that you want to format/wipe it and reianstal with the operating system again?I cant believe that intel has no tool for it.thank you

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X25-M in Macbook Pro hanging on boot

Hello,I just purchased an Intel X25-M SSD 160GB Gen2 and installed it in my new Mid-2010 i7 15-inch Macbook Pro. When I boot up with the Snow Leopard install disc and holding C, the computer hangs on the Apple logo after accessing the CD drive for a ...

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