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Windows 8 and Intel MSata driver incompatability.

As a MS Gold partner I have the Windows 8 that is released to Manufactors and so its no longer a beta install.As it is, installing windows 8 to this drive takes around 6 hours to complete and once completed windows 8 works fine while its on the deskt...

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Resolved! Intel 520 and SATA password, how to be sure that it is being encrypted?

Hi there,I've some doubts about how encryption works on the Intel 520. Is the AES-128 encryption always enabled even if I don't use a SATA password? In case I use a SATA password, would the encryption on the drive be really encrypted like using truec...

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680i help…" error connecting to drive"

Hi, I've just installed the new toolbox and hit the latest roadblock. Turns out my 680i motherboard identifies all SATA drives as SCSI, which was pretty common for older motherboard BIOS. It never made any difference to operation or performance until...

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Intel 330 SSD 120GB Random Freezes And Hangs Issue

I have migrated Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit from old HDD to Intel 330 SSD 120GB, optimized and tuned it up in Intel Toolbox and while all was fine:after a while occassionally I have started noticing 10-15 second freezes while drive LED being lit. Int...

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Help: lost all my data on 330 doing alignment

Hi,I have a 160gb 330 on xp 32bit and the alignment was not optimized. I downloaded and installed the Acronis/Intel alignment tool and ran it.It said I needed to reboot so I said yes.The computer rebooted and I was stuck at a black screen. There was ...

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