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SSDSA2MH080G1GC - Input Output Errors, a sign of imminent failure?

Hi, I have an X-25M as my system/boot drive in a 2009 MacPro and lately I've been getting input output errors when backing up. There's been no issues re useability/performance that I can detect, is this a cause for concern? Is the drive in danger o...

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G1 trim support

Intel, will you ever explain why trim will not be provided for Gen 1 drives? Enthusiasts spend a high premium for new technology that is often problematic and not fully utilisable at first release. Not only do enthusiasts pay a premium they also help...

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Sata 6

I am building a system (DP67BG)and my question is: With the two sata 6 connections will connecting a standard sata 6 hard drive with a sata 6 ssd slow down the preformance of the ssd?

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Problems to install Windows 7

Hi! I have a problem that somehow is connected to my X25-80Gb SSD-drive.Have built a PC on a Gigabyte GA-P55-UD3 motherboard. Everything has worked fine until I got to the OS-installation.The intention was to install the OS on the SSD-drive. The inst...

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SSD Endurance

Hi all!Advise me please how can I check SSD Endurance under Linux?Is there any tools provided by Intel or third party developers?Thanks in advance

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