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New Intel 320 SSD with AMD CPU, Windows XP

Hi Everyone,Very new here, have a situation I haven't been able to quite get any clear answers on so I wanted to stop in and try to straighten things out before get too far down the rabbit hole.So my situation is this... My harddrive crashed on me, f...

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Firmware required?

I installed my 320 SSD, cloned from my old HHD using the provided software. It runs fine, but the benchmarks are low. Was I supposed to install firmware before I cloned it? Didnt remember seeing anything about firmware in the directions.CrystalDis...

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Intel SSD is not attached or disabled

3WARE 9690-sa 8i Raid cardI've tried disabling the 3ware bios in its own bios and also the motherboard bios.I don't have any of the AHCI or IDE mode options in my bios. Downloaded the utility

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X25-M 50 nm Gen 1: What to use it for? Really.

I have used an X25-M generation 1 drive as a boot drive for Windows Vista and 7. In both cases, the drive deteriorated within 90 days to unusable write delays. The drives are at the latest firmware level. I realize TRIM support is not coming. No,...

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