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330-series disconnects / unstable

Esteemed Contributor III

_I would very much like this issue resolved, please if anyone has any ideas.

I recently purchased the 330-series 120GB.

Installing into system:

Asus P5E3 deluxe motherboard (x38) with 1303 BIOS / ICH9R running 7.6.xxxx ROM

Running in RAID / AHCI

SSD appears in Windows, then disappears and so on and so forth - it is unusable.

The drive itself appears "OK" since in a system running p35 chipset (ICH9R / 7.5.xxxxx) under AHCI

I have updated the BIOS/ROM and tried version 9.6.xxxx and 8.9.xxxxx

In either case, the drive appears in POST/BIOS, but disconnects and re-connects constantly.

All other HDDs are stable.

The SSD has been tried in all ports available.

Apparently rom may work?